What is Flack?

Flack is a term for a person who handles PR and communications, as well as a term for incoming fire. It is also, therefore, the name of this Substack, which will cover both of the other topics.

With this blog and newsletter, I’ll propose a new playbook for communications, with the objective of helping you win over the people who matter, without wasting time or inducing cringe. I hope you’ll subscribe and join thousands of others on the list.

Who writes this?

I’m Lulu Cheng Meservey. My day job is running corporate affairs and communications for Activision Blizzard, and previously it was leading comms at Substack. Before that I was the cofounder and president of an international strategic communications agency called TrailRunner International. I’m not a classically trained comms person; most of my background is in finance, geopolitics, tech, and consulting. But I’ve seen how good communication can be a superpower, a force multiplier, or a trip wire; and I’m fascinated by the craft.

To satiate my own curiosity, Flack will be my way of building in public as I think through new ways to communicate in an era of skepticism and information overload.

Who should subscribe?

Founders, operators, professional communicators, and anyone trying to win hearts and minds.

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